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Thanks to our investor network built during the last 18 years, we provide to managers distribution service in order to fulfil their needs in terms of capital raising.


This service can be customised to cover marketing plan, search for seed/early stage capital, Pan European distribution, specific country/client type, access to LatAm and US or US Offshore investors.


Our approach is based on the following principles :

  • Trusty relationships built over time with institutional investors

  • Emphasis on asset managers, family offices and multi family offices with long term investment horizon

  • Adaptive to reflect strategy appetite by investor type/country or manager choice

Our team has developed a broad investor base, allowing us to efficiently raise capital for all alternative strategies, from equity long short, macro, CTAs, market neutral, event driven to credit, private debt/credit, private equity.

We are selecting managers independently after a lengthy due diligence including onsite visit. Managers are approached directly or introduced by our strong network of prime brokers, investors, or people in the industry.

We partner with experienced managers sharing core values with us in terms of:

  • Alignment of interests with the investors and other partners

  • Consistency in the investment methodology, no style drift

  • Transparency with investors

  • Integrity and professionalism

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